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 “Childhood is the world of miracle and magic” – Walt Disney

Magic Classroom Project



The Cape Town Museum of Childhood believes that childhood should be a time for magic and wonder. We aim to bring this wonder into children’s lives with every initiative we embark on. As such, the museum has partnered with the College of Magic to roll-out the “Magic Classroom” Project in Cape Town throughout 2015. This initiative has seen and is continuing to see children from across Cape Town visit the “Magic Classroom” (based in the College of Magic) for a 2 hour interactive experience, which takes various curriculum subjects and creates a “magical”, one of a kind classroom experience, bringing a sense of wonder into the lives of the children. This programme aims to reach a total of 6000 children by its completion, 4500 of which are from disadvantaged communities. Additionally, 150 teachers will be exposed to this teaching experience, enabling them to learn new facilitation skills that can be used in their own classroom; to inspire learning with the children in an exciting and stimulating new way. Each teacher is provided with a Classroom Resource Pack that can be used in the classroom with the children they teach. This programme will be facilitated to a total of approximately 200 groups throughout 2015.


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