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The Cape Town Museum of Childhood is an exciting museum for children & adults of all ages, exploring and celebrating childhood.

This interactive museum, the first museum of childhood in Africa, provides an institution for the heritage, documentation, memory, oral history, research, and interpretation of childhood. Housing a national collection of childhood-related exhibitions, the museum aims to capture the heritage of childhood and the role that children play in society. This is achieved through an interactive space that allows an opportunity for children, families and communities to celebrate childhood, to gain insights into childhood and to learn about childhood heritage.


Entrance to the museum is FREE.


This is a project of the Centre for Early Childhood Development (www.cecd.org.za) funded by the National Lotteries Commission (www.nlb.org.za).


The Cape Town Museum of Childhood is also a member of the South African Museums Association.


Upcoming Event!

During the June/July School Holidays we have a fun scavenger hunt for you to do!

Also keep your eyes open for our version of a Block Party and our Mandela Day Book and Toy Drive coming up soon...

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 "Grown ups are complicated creatures,    full of quirks and secrets" 

 ~ Roald Dahl


Virtual Exhibition

To view the virtual exhibition "The State of Children in South Africa" which is currently live and serves as a online companion to the physical exhibition housed in the museum, click here: https://www.museumofchildhood.org.za/the-state-of-children



The Cape Town Museum of Childhood engages with communities throughout the Western Cape to offer educational and diverse outreach programmes to explore and celebrate childhood with children and adults in their communities.



the City

Crafting with

Canvas Club  

#EduSnap exhibition

at the Artscape


The Cape Town Museum of Childhood joined the “Infecting the City” Public Arts Festival with a statement piece showcasing over 100 headline posters that relate to the violence against children in Cape Town....



The Museum collaborated with Marie van der Merwe, branch owner of the Southern Suburbs North Canvas Club, to present arts and craft sessions with about 50 children from Christene Revell Children’s Home, Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children Pre-school and Marsh Memorial Home...


Our #EduSnap Smartphone Photography exhibition was housed at the Arstcape Theatre. The exhibition was on display in the marble foyer extension and seen by a number of people visiting the Artscape for shows and productions...


International Literacy Day with Kewtown Primary School

Women's Month Visit to St George's Home for Girls

#EduSnap Photography

Project 2019

Edusnap_Exhibtion Opening_31.jpg

On the 5 September 2019, the Cape Town Museum of Childhood celebrated International Literacy Day with about 50 grade 4 learners at Kewtown Primary School. We invited our friend Emile Jansen, founder of Heal the Hood, to share stories that he wrote for his own children to educate them about their Khoisan heritage..


In celebration of Women’s Month, on the 29 August 2019, the Cape Town Museum of Childhood spent time with twenty young girls at St George’s Home for Girls in Wynberg. We took some of our friends from the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and Box Girls SA along with us...


For a second time, the Museum collaborated with the Orms Cape Town School of Photography and invited high school learners in Cape Town to participate in their “#EduSnap” smartphone photography project. Five students were guided by Lauren Theunissen, a lecturer at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography,


“The Games We Played” - Simon’s Town Museum

Child Protection Week -
Silent Protest 

'Action Kommandant' screening 2019


On the 17 May 2019, in celebration of International Day of the Families, the Cape Town Museum of Childhood, Simon’s Town Museum and District Six Museum collaborated to take the seniors of Ocean View, Simon’s Town and District Six down memory lane and reminisced on the childhood games they played...



On Wednesday 29 May the museum team held a silent protest in support of Child Protection Week. The protesters stood together to raise awareness about the injustices against children in Cape Town and encouraged the public to embrace the “your child is my child” mantra.



In celebration of Freedom Day, on the 26 April 2018, the Cape Town Museum of Childhood screened the documentary film “Action Kommandant” at Ocean View High School to a group of grade 10 and 11 learners.


“Untold Stories”

Book Launch

Crafting @ Kuyasa

Public Library 

Library Week 
@ Belhar Public Library


The Cape Town Museum of Childhood together with the Centre for Early Childhood Development launched a book titled ‘Untold Stories: Memories of growing up in a different era’ which features the untold stories of six South Africans sharing their unique childhood stories while growing up under the Apartheid regime.



Kuyasa Library in Khayelitsha invited the Cape Town Museum of Childhood to join their Library Week festivities. The museum presented an arts and crafts session for about 40 young children aged 4-5 years old from early childhood development centres in Khayelitsha.


Best - for Social Media.JPG

In celebration of national Library Week, the Cape Town Museum of Childhood hosted a story writing competition and presented a pop-up exhibition at Belhar Library, from 18-29 March 2019.




Photography Project


Crafting with Christene Revell Children' Home



'Action Kommandant' Screening 2018


The Cape Town Museum of Childhood and Orms Cape Town School of Photography have collaborated to present a smartphone photography project that targets high school learners in Cape Town. The aim of #EduSnap is to celebrate childhood, and specifically education as a significant stage of childhood, by giving high school students in Cape Town the opportunity to share their experiences of their education with each other and acquire valuable new skills.


A group of 20 young children aged 4 – 5 years old from Christene Revell Children’s Home in Athlone were invited to try out the museum' Activity Room for an arts and crafts session.  skills.


In celebration of Freedom Day, on the 26 April 2018 the Cape Town Museum of Childhood, in collaboration with the Blue Collar Foundation, presented a film screening of Action Kommandant at Alexander Sinton High School to a group of 220 learners. Action Kommandant is a documentary film based on freedom fighter Ashley Kriel’s life.


Museum Day 

Athlone Library

Celebrating Childhood

in Gouda

On 16 May 2018, in celebration of International Museum Day, the Cape Town Museum of Childhood partnered with Iziko Museums by taking their mobile museum to Athlone Christian Academy in Silvertown, Athlone. The mobile museum is part of Iziko Museum’s educational outreach project which serves rural and urban communities that are unable to visit their museums.


My Lavender Hill,

My Childhood

In building up to the opening of the Cape Town Museum of Childhood, the Museum is engaging with communities to capture childhood experiences and memories, giving children their own voice in the museum. One such project, focussing on youth specifically, will take place in a partnership with Project 021.



The Cape Town Museum of Childhood, together with the Centre for Early Childhood Development, celebrated library week at Athlone library with a pop-up exhibition and short story writing competition from 19-29 March 2018. The aim of the Cape Town Museum of Childhood’s Library Week programme was to encourage people to visit libraries and remind them of the importance of this resource within communities; as well as to encourage a culture of story writing by giving children and youth a platform to express this creative ability. 


'This is me'



In mid-2015, the Cape Town Museum of Childhood partnered with SHAWCO Education (a student run organisation at the University of Cape Town) to provide learners the opportunity to tell other children and other South Africans, about their lives.



The Cape Town Museum of Childhood hosted a celebration of childhood with the community of Gouda.  The celebration took place on 02 March 2018 at the Gouda Community Library.  Community members were invited to join in on the celebration where everyone listened to older community members share their childhood stories about growing up in Gouda.



The Magic


The Cape Town Museum of Childhood believes that childhood should be a time for magic and wonder. As such, the museum partnered with the College of Magic to roll-out the “Magic Classroom” Project in Cape Town.



Cape Town Museum of Childhood
Cape Town Museum of Childhood
Cape Town Museum of Childhood
Cape Town Museum of Childhood
Cape Town Museum of Childhood

 "Play is the highest form of research" 

 ~ Albert Einstein


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